Olena Morozova

Sri Lanka's Tales

As a child, I had a big thick book. It was called “Tales of Sri Lanka.” For a long time I examined pictures with unusual people and animals from this book, dreaming of one day being in this magical land…


When I turned 40 my childhood dream came true and I ended up on the wonderful island of Sri Lanka.

I experienced very strong emotions, tears were rolling from my eyes, it seemed that I was back in my childhood.

The imperfection of the world is felt very strongly here: poverty and wretchedness is everywhere. But at the same time one can acutely feel that love, friendship and mutual assistance live here as well. Sri Lanka is a love from the first sight and from the first breath of a bright mixture of household scents. Inhabitants of the island and their local way of living impressed me so much that I decided to shoot my own fairy tale about Sri Lanka. I want to share with you part of this story.