My name is Olena Morozova.

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am photographer and contemporary art lover.

Photography is my favorite hobby since youth hood.

2002 I was graduated as a teacher of law from National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am professionally engaged in photography since 2015.

My teachers of photography are such well-known photographers as Alexander Yakimchuk, Dimitri Bogachuk, Vladimir Seleznev, Viktoria Sorochinski, Sergey Melnichenko, Roman Pyatkovka, Kateryna Radchenko, Valeriy Miloserdov, Igor Chekachkov.

Photography is my passion, lifestyle, philosophy, way of thinking, seeing and understanding the world around and my inner world, self-development and movement forward.

My photo is a search for my reflections, feelings and emotions in space, in nature, in people, in lines and forms, my conversation with myself.

The heroes of my pictures are people and nature.

I like to create psychological portraits, photo stories, explore themes of spirituality, sexuality, gender identity, stereotypes, psychological and mental disorders, family relationships.

During 2017-2021 I created several projects, received awards and honors in international photography competitions (IPA, TIFA, FAPA, MIFA, PX3, VIEPA, Encontros da Imagem), took part in several group exhibitions, festivals and fairs in Ukraine and Europe, started teaching photography.