Olena Morozova


My name is Olena Morozova.
I am visual artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine.
I started to get involved in photography from a very young age in my youth hood. In 2002 I was graduated from Kyiv National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. I was full time engaged in photography since 2015 when I realized that I can’t live without creating.

I studied photography at private schools. I like to create psychological portraits, photo stories, explore themes of spirituality, sexuality, gender identity, stereotypes, psychological and mental disorder, family relationships. Photography is my passion, lifestyle, philosophy, way of thinking, seeing, understanding the world around and my inner world, search for my reflections, feelings and emotions, self-development and movement forward.

My works were presented in Fotodok, Netherlands (2023), Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum, Georgia (2023), Southern Utah Museum of Art (2022), Walker Art Gallery, USA (2022), Encontros da Imagem (2022), Rybnik Photo Festival (2022), Finnish Museum of Photography (2022), Copenhagen Photo Festival (2022), Odesa Photo Days (2021), Photo Kyiv Fair (2020, 2019), were published in International Artdoc Magazine, Conbini Art (France), FotoNostrum Magazine (Spain), Vogue (Italy), Politiken (Denmark), Liberation (France), EESTI NAINE (Estonia), Positive.News (England), took (Gold, Silver, Bronze) prizes in international photo awards. I am a member of Ukrainian Women Photography Organization, Futures Photography Platform, MYPH Community.