Olena Morozova


The body has always been a platform for debate for ideologies, a pretext for cultural and political manipulation. The ancient body as a temple of the divine, the humiliation of the physical for the sake of high spirituality in the Middle Ages, the cult of the body in totalitarian regimes as the basis of a healthy spirit, modern body positivity as acceptance of one’s body vs body-shaming… And finally, the era of transhumanism is coming, when bodily imperfections can be easily corrected through symbiosis with machines, and life can be extended indefinitely. That is, to stop being hostages to human flesh, the decay of which is an obstacle to the process of self-realisation and self-transformation.

In the „Quantum” project some of the fragments of the human body are quite realistic, others are deformed, as if there is an aberration of vision that distorts familiar forms, as if we are trying to focus on something that is constantly slipping away. These surrealistic games are enhanced by multi-coloured lighting. We find ourselves in a theatre of alternative corporeality, where instead of the certainty of anatomy, there is a chaotic set of elements for paradoxical reconstruction and a new corporeality as a reflection of our fear of it. The result is unpredictable.