I started to shoot this project at the beginning of 2019.

My project is dedicated to the study of a mental disorder known as dementia.

I found this disorder in my beloved grandmother who is now turned 89 years old.

Dementia is a virtually untreatable disease.

There are no medicines for its treatment yet produced.

The number of patients with this disorder has been increasing every year. 

At some point, I had a desire to photograph my grandmother in the very moments she was talking about her visions. I began to research this issue. My aim is to convey my grandmother’s mental state, her real life and imaginary memories of the past, to recreate her visions through photography, video, audio and textual recordings. I want to support my grandmother, so she doesn’t feel herself like an old crazy woman.

And thanks to our mutual collaborative creativity, so far I succeed. We talk about her illness so that she does not lose touch with reality. My children are also engaged in this process of communication, which helps my granma so much. 

I want to tell about my project to those who have relatives with a similar age disorder, because the elderly need our attention, our understanding and support. When imagination merges with reality, when a person does not see the difference between reality and sleep, it is always scary. For the elderly not to go crazy, they need the attention of their relatives, they need urgently their help.