Olena Morozova

Maria & Tymur

Maria and Timur, my youngest daughter and son, became the heroes of my project on the relationship between brother and sister, in which fantasies and dreams are intertwined with reality. I started shooting this project in 2016 and continue to work on it.
I really like to watch the relationships of my children, their games, listen to the stories that they compose and tell each other. They are so keen on the process that I get the impression that I am observing a journey into the world of dreams and fantasies.
And I want to join and travel with them.
Mary often shows utterly childish maternal care for her younger brother. Sometimes it seems to me that she manifests her maternal instinct even more than me, really worries about Timur. And Timur calls her mom not only in the game, but sometimes in reality.
Watching them, I feel that I am re-living my childhood moments, which is very valuable to me. And it is also valuable to me that our creative interaction brings us together, makes us a team. Together with the children, we discuss the ideas of new filming, fantasize and fulfill our dreams. But most often the desire to photograph comes unexpectedly, spontaneously, when watching my children, I suddenly clearly feel and see the moment that I want to capture.