Photography for me is not just a craft, a profession and a set of skills, it is primarily a philosophy, lifestyle, way of thinking, self-development and movement forward.

There can be no stops, no backward direction, only forward and upward.

Photography greatly helps me to know myself and the world.

My photo is a search for my reflections, feelings and emotions in space, in nature, in people, in lines and forms, my conversation with myself. I ask myself questions, look for answers around and visualize them as a photo.

It brings pleasure both to work on my projects, and working out professional skills, absorbing the experience of those colleagues whose works inspires, and training beginner photographers.

So gradually, step by step, constantly evolving and improving, with love for myself and the world, I go to meet my beauty, my style, my photo …

With love. Photographer

O. Morozova


Its My Life)


Music of My Soul





My photo work is not just documenting events.
First of all I like to create photo pictures for contemplation and enjoyment.
Photo pictures that will be able to decorate the house, hotel, restaurant, office, complement the design, enliven the space and create comfort.
I am sure that my bright and unique masterpieces will make your interior unique, elegant and stylish!


Моё творчество это не просто документирование событий.
В первую очередь мне нравится создавать фотокартины для созерцания и наслаждения.
Фотокартины, которые смогут украсить дом, отель, ресторан, офис, дополнят дизайн, оживят пространство и создадут уют.
Я уверена, что мои яркие и неповторимые шедевры сделают ваш интерьер уникальным, изысканным и стильным!