Olena Morozova

What is The Nature of Voilence?

Russia’s war against Ukraine has actualised my personal fears.
I feel this animal horror that people have suffered.
I want to squeeze these emotions out of me through the clay.
I want to knead it and trust my body to find an exit for my emotions.

This project is my reflection on the events taking place in my home country. My own personal therapy. As I shaped the clay I wanted to mould my fears, to see them physically, to play with them, to hold them in my hands and tame them. Masks like death masks came out. But it is not clear to whom they belong: the victim of violence, the aggressor, both of them? 

These masks are my heroes and I want to give them all names: Scream, Squeal, Or, Moan, Sigh, Sob, Pain. 

I keep working with clay and moulding images of my fears, turning them into mini-sculptures and photo-objects.